Fully Inspected and Reconditioned

We fully inspect each unit before they hit the lot.
If they don't pass the test, they're gone.
All inspections are available for your review.

Better than Factory Warranty

Most cars we sell have been out of factory warranty for a while. If they pass the test, we'll stand behind them with our 45/90 guarantee.
Ask to see a copy, we have it in writing!

Come out and meet
NEW OWNER Preston Peterson


History Report

We only sell cars that have a clean past. No salvage, flood or rebuilds here. We depend on "AutoCheck" for our vehicle history reports. Autocheck has been serving the automobile industry for nearly 10 years providing accurate information we all want to know. We have a copy on file for this car, just ask to see it!

Just click on the icon by the car description to view the AutoCheck history report.

Competitive Price

It's impossible to have the hardest cars to find, in the best condition, with the best guarantee and be the cheapest. That’s not our goal, but we will offer you more security on the cars you want at a fair price.
Want to check the book value? We have it!


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