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Radisson Canoes are hand crafted from light gauge

marine aluminum which are great canoe for fishing,

hunting or cruising the shoreline of your favorite lake

or stream. Built to last decades the Radisson Canoe

will really become one of your best pals when you

take to the water no mater what you use it for.

Whether powered by paddle, motor or wind, aluminum’s light weight
means more GO with less PUSH. Canoes are easy to carry and handle
better on car tops, towing, launching and recovery. A wide hull design,
with added foam side sponsons, makes the Radisson one of the most
stable canoes on the water for the whole family.


High tensile strengths and stiffness means excellent hull integrity, long lasting durability, and high strength-to-weight ratio.

Elasticity of the metal due to it’s 2.5% magnesium content reduces chance of puncturing. Underwater objects frequently will only dent rather than rupture the hull.

Marine grade aluminum will not embrittle, delaminate, peel, waterlog, check, rot, shrink or swell. It assures uniform thickness of hull sections. Unlike most metal canoes, it’s a quiet one too! It is completely lined with foam that effectively muffles all foot banging and tackle box sounds.

Radisson Canoes